Gutter Cleaning

A clean gutter ensures the smooth flow and disposal of rainwater.  Gutter Cleaning significantly lowers the risk of blockages which can lead to water damage of outer walls and roofs.

A surprising number of surveys on both domestic and commercial buildings identify major damage which has come about as a result of blocked guttering. Such blockages not only impair general drainage but they can also cause direct damage such as breakage or fracturing, particularly in the event of the freezing of accumulated water in the ducts.

All solid matter such as leaf residue and moss build up is removed. As part of the service, downpipe entry points and shore outlets are checked and cleared. Finally all gutters are fully flushed to make sure water is free flowing.

Your guttering is cleared by by hand as it ensures all the moss, debris and leaves are fully cleared. This leaves a fully functioning guttering system. Any mess that comes out of the guttering is removed and disposed off.

How often should gutters be cleared? It is advisd at least once a year (especially with the Irish weather). Leaves, moss and general debris can lead to overflowing water, causing damage to the guttering and your property. Call us today to book your Gutter Cleaning.





gutter cleaning with Pure N Clean Cork.
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